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4 Legal Options If You're Facing Foreclosure & Don't Have a Lot of Cash


If you are facing a foreclosure on your home and you don't have a lot of cash to hire a regular attorney to represent you throughout the entire process, there are still options that you can pursue in order to get legal assistance to fight against the foreclosure on your home.

#1 Find an Attorney Who Takes On Pro Bono Cases

If you really can't afford to pay for an attorney at all, see if any attorneys in your area will take on your case pro bono. Most attorneys take on a certain number or percentage of pro bono cases each year for those who don't have the income to afford attorney's fees. It's a win-win on both sides because you get the help that you need and the attorney can write off the expenses that they incur on their taxes for pro-bone work.

You can call around to local attorney's offices to see if there are any who will take your case. You can also get in touch with the state bar association for your state, which should be able to put you in touch with an attorney who will take your case on pro bono.

#2 Locate a Foreclosure Prevention Clinic

Second, see if there is a foreclosure prevention clinic in your area. These are often run by housing agencies and non-profit organizations for the sole purpose of helping people keep their homes when they are faced with foreclosure. These clinics are often staffed with people who are housing experts as well as attorneys who can provide you with legal advice and insight on the steps you can take to save your home.

For example, they may be able to help you pursue mortgage modifications, which will help you save your home. They may also be able to help provide you with information on what you need to take to court with you to fight to save your home. Finally, they can help ensure that you don't fall for a foreclosure rescue scam by letting you know what is out there.

This is generally not income-based assistance but is based more on your need for foreclosure advice.

#3 Reach Out to Your Local Legal Aid Society

Third, you may also want to reach out to a legal aid society. The assistance provided by the legal aid society is generally based on how much income you have, so you are going to need to provide them with that information in order to get assistance. They often provide you with much of the same assistance as a foreclosure prevention clinic can. They may also be able to provide you with direct access to an attorney as well.

#4 Set Up & Pay For a Consultation

Finally, if you have some money but not enough to pay for an attorney to represent you the entire time, see if there is an attorney like Thomas K Mast who is able to provide you with a detailed consultation. In this consultation, the attorney can review your case and let you know what type of a defense you may be able to pursue to prevent a foreclosure on your home. They may also be able to provide you with more information about how the foreclosure and legal challenging process works. 


12 July 2017