Why You Should Have An Attorney When Filing For Bankruptcy


If you are experiencing difficulty with piles of debt, you might need to file for bankruptcy. This allows you to stop calls from your creditors and get rid of some of your debt. Here are some benefits of using an attorney when you need to file for bankruptcy. They Can Fill Out Paperwork When filing for bankruptcy, it is not as simple as filling out a single application, turning it in, then reaping the benefits.

2 March 2016

How To Prepare For Your First Credit Counselling Appointment


Are you going to be attending credit counselling soon? Don't be intimidated. Credit counselling is designed to help you. Through credit counselling you will gain the tools that you need to take control over your finances. Everything that you need should be provided to you but there are some things that you might want to gather in advance to ensure that you get the most value out of your counselling.

10 March 2015