Exploring Bankruptcy Proceedings In Detail

Hi there, I am Aiden Muzzel. I am well versed in bankruptcy proceedings, so I would like to share my knowledge with you through my site. I started my adult years with minimal knowledge of money management. As a result, I ended up way over my head in debt. I was working two jobs and paying all of my income to the debt accounts without making a dent in the total. It turns out I was simply paying late fees and interest with my funds. I sought out legal representation to learn more about how bankruptcy could help me end the cycle and start over. My bankruptcy attorney helped me fill out paperwork, file documents and attend court proceedings. Within a year, the judge discharged the eligible debt accounts. I hope to explore bankruptcy in more detail on my website. I hope you come back soon to learn more.

Why You Should Have An Attorney When Filing For Bankruptcy


If you are experiencing difficulty with piles of debt, you might need to file for bankruptcy. This allows you to stop calls from your creditors and get rid of some of your debt. Here are some benefits of using an attorney when you need to file for bankruptcy.

They Can Fill Out Paperwork

When filing for bankruptcy, it is not as simple as filling out a single application, turning it in, then reaping the benefits. There is a lot of complicated paperwork that is involved. It can be helpful to see a bankruptcy attorney who helps you compile different receipts and documents required to file for bankruptcy, then help you fill out all the paperwork. They will be the ones filing your paperwork and preparing everything for you in addition to dealing with the courts so you don't have to.

You Avoid Costly Mistakes

Having a lawyer who is helping with your bankruptcy case can also help you to avoid some big mistakes. If you fill out one section of your bankruptcy paperwork wrong, it could mean being denied bankruptcy filings, having to spend more time in court addressing the mistake, or losing some of your property. You may select the wrong type of bankruptcy to file for or accidentally lose property you were hoping to hold onto. However minor the mistake, having your paperwork reviewed and filed by an attorney specializing in these cases is invaluable.

The Lawyer Helps Protect More of Your Property

When you file for bankruptcy, you risk losing some of your property in order to pay off some of your debts. If you want to keep your vehicle or the home your family lives in, you should consult a bankruptcy attorney. They will help you choose the right type of bankruptcy filing that allows you to hold onto your property, and they will let you know honestly what property they think you can keep, and what you may end up losing. Keep in mind if you own multiple properties and vacant land, some of it may need to be sold to pay off some of your debts, as required by the local courts.

They Represent You in Court

The bankruptcy attorney will also be there to represent you in court. This can give you peace of mind knowing the legal aspect of bankruptcy is taken care of. The lawyer not only contacts your creditors, but they are your voice during settlement arrangements, hearing, and negotiations. You may not know the right thing to say during certain court proceedings, which is where the benefit of a lawyer comes in.

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2 March 2016