Exploring Bankruptcy Proceedings In Detail

Hi there, I am Aiden Muzzel. I am well versed in bankruptcy proceedings, so I would like to share my knowledge with you through my site. I started my adult years with minimal knowledge of money management. As a result, I ended up way over my head in debt. I was working two jobs and paying all of my income to the debt accounts without making a dent in the total. It turns out I was simply paying late fees and interest with my funds. I sought out legal representation to learn more about how bankruptcy could help me end the cycle and start over. My bankruptcy attorney helped me fill out paperwork, file documents and attend court proceedings. Within a year, the judge discharged the eligible debt accounts. I hope to explore bankruptcy in more detail on my website. I hope you come back soon to learn more.

How To Prepare For Your First Credit Counselling Appointment


Are you going to be attending credit counselling soon? Don't be intimidated. Credit counselling is designed to help you. Through credit counselling you will gain the tools that you need to take control over your finances. Everything that you need should be provided to you but there are some things that you might want to gather in advance to ensure that you get the most value out of your counselling.

Request Your Credit Card and Bank Statements

You can begin preparation by getting all of your statements together. If you can't print them out online, you can request them directly from the bank. This will make it much easier for the credit counselor to take a look at your finances. If you simply guess regarding your debts and assets, it's very likely that you may get some elements wrong — it's only natural to forget. If you aren't certain that you have all of your debt accounts, you can request a credit report that will list all of them. 

Write Down Your Financial Goals

Why are you trying to resolve your credit problems? Is it just because you have a lot of debt? Or do you have a specific goal? If you're interested in purchasing a home, saving for retirement or sending someone to college, you should know exactly how much you are interested in saving and when you will need to save it by. Credit counselors don't just help manage debt, they can also advise you regarding your future financial goals and your savings. 

Create a List of Your Assets

If you're going to be thinking about bankruptcy, it's a good idea for you to bring in a list of your assets. An asset is anything substantial you own, from a car to a house. These items will become very relevant if you go through a bankruptcy, though that does not necessarily mean that you will lose these items. Assets may include items that you hold jointly, especially items that you hold with a spouse. You should also bring anything involving a business that you or your spouse own, as these can also be considered assets.

Debt counselling usually doesn't last very long; one or two sessions are normally enough for you to get a better picture of your finances. Credit counselling can be essential for those who are presently in debt, undergoing a foreclosure or considering bankruptcy. In fact, it's often a requirement to restructure or eradicate debt. For more information, contact a firm that specializes in debt counselling in Edmonton.


10 March 2015